About my philosophy of teaching

I love what I do.  I have the privilege of teaching students to love music, to learn how to feel through a piece of music and to be changed by the discipline of this art. Teaching is my gift and my passion and I feel a high degree of responsibility to my parents who choose me to influence their children in the area of piano study. To that end, I expect students to work hard, to think, to participate with me in the teaching/learning process. I’m not really a fan of “I don’t know” answers. Engage. Listen. Agree and disagree and let’s work together to make music fun and interesting. For me personally, I always want to be better at my craft, at my own playing and practicing, and I expect to foster that desire in a student.

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Music Study From A to Z.

It’s an education for life!

A ccomplishment
B road Horizons
C ultural Awareness
D iscovery
E ducation
F riendships
G oals
H igh Standards
I magination
J oy
K nowledge
L iteracy
M anual Dexterity
N ew Interests
O pportunities
P roblem Solving
Q uickness of Mind
R igor
S kills
T enacity
U nderstanding
V alues
W orking with Others
e X presiveness
Y ears of Pleasure
Z ip, Zest, & Zeal