So you’re interested in piano lessons? Now what?


Fill out the contact form on this page and/or call me and let’s chat for a few minutes about lessons. What you’re looking for, if you have a piano (yes, you must own a piano), if you’re a beginner or have a few years of experience.


Based on this initial call, I may set up an appointment with you at the studio. This is important for both parties, as we evaluate each other and make sure there’s a meeting of the minds, regarding lessons. There is no cost for this session.


At this session, if you have experience as a pianist, you will be asked to play something, even if it’s something as small as a scale. I will ask you what kinds of things you’re interested in learning and attempt to find out a little more about your current lifestyle and if you have time in your schedule for practicing.


If we are in agreement, then I will make book recommendations for you to purchase either through Amazon or your local music store, and we will set up a regular lesson time.

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A NOTE ON pianos and keyboards

I will always prefer that a student practice at home on a piano to a keyboard. However, during the first year of piano, a keyboard is satisfactory to learn and costs are relatively low. Additionally, there are no piano tuning costs for that first year, and often, space is a factor, which makes keyboards a plus. I do strongly encourage parents who have keyboards to make the transition to a piano by the end of the first year. The technical standard on a keyboard is not the same, as piano study and eventually, the technique will become an issue as the student advances. Yes, the instruments look the same, but they are not, in actuality. If, however, the keyboard you have at home is fully weighted, 88 keys, then I’m agreeable to this type of instrument.